Dr. Nadine Rosechild Sullivan, Ph.D., CHT, Rev.
Would you like to understand yourself or your relationships better?

Do you have a need for clear direction? greater insight on your journey?

Would you like to:

Let me help you bloom to your full potential.

Together, we can bring long standing issues into the Light and glean the insights
you need to create your innermost desires.  

As an interfaith minister, I provide holistic
spiritual counseling that is respectful of your spiritual (or non-
spiritual) perspective.
  • I bring many years of pastoral and chaplaincy work to the therapeutic relationship, as well as
    intensive study across many spiritual and faith perspectives,
  • including but not limited to: Christian (mainline, evangelical, Word of Faith, and Pentecostal),
    Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Indigenous (Native to the land now known as the Americas), earth-
    based (Wicca), Spiritualism, and New Thought.

Using hypnotherapy spiritually, it becomes a means of deep inner connection and self-awareness.  
I can help you access your own unconscious/subconscious/spiritual mind to affect lasting change.
(Hypnotherapy is neither frightening nor spooky. In hypnotherapy, you are never vulnerable.

You remain in control at all times.) For our purposes, hypnotherapy (a.k.a. guided visualization) is used
as a door to
your spirit and, as you desire, to spiritual spaces beyond.
  • Using hypnotherapy bariatrically, or to break the hold of destructive habits, I help you shift
    resistances against what you have wanted all along - to make choices, eat, and live, in ways that
    support your long-term goals.
  • Along with destructive habits, hypnotherapy can be used to address:
  • stress, anxiety, fear, phobias, social & self-confidence, sexuality & relationship issues,
    painful or repressed memories, and to find clarity and direction.

Using the tools of a
social science analysis (sociology/anthropology), I can help you better understand
your social and sexual relationships and life experience.

  • Together, we can devise strategies to create desired change.
  • My counseling practice is client-centered and, since it does not operate on a "medical model."
  • You are not labeled and your privacy is protected from insurers and employers.

Coaching from the perspective of possibility (or positive) thinking can help you uncover your hidden
talents and forgotten aspirations, and encourage you to
  • take back the reigns of your destiny (destination), reset your compass, and move forward
    toward your dreams.
  • A deeper understanding of our own human capacity to manifest - to use our focused will to effect
    change in our own lives (a.k.a. the law of attraction) - is vital to moving past the past and building
    the future we desire.

This combination provides us with an effective set of tools for helping you find answers, facilitate inner
growth and self-exploration, and become
the You you would most like to be.
© 2007-2014 Nadine Rosechild Sullivan, Ph.D.
  • Spiritual counseling/hypnotherapy/sociology/anthropology and possibility coaching are all non-medical, non-diagnostic, client-centered,
    human services approaches, suited to the interaction of human relationships. Because they are non-medical, they are not state licensed.
  • These approaches are not substitutes for medicine, psychology, or any given faith tradition. Clients are encouraged to retain their other
    medical, psychological, and pastoral professionals, faith communities and practices.
  • The spiritual counseling practice of Rev. Dr. Nadine Rosechild Sullivan, Ph.D., ChT  is an outreach of Word of Fire Ministries, Inc. Each tool
    used in this ministry (counseling/hypnotherapy/guided visualization/time regression (this life/past life/between life)/social science/possibility
    coaching) is used to facilitate the internal spiritual experience of, and is subject to the individual faith and spiritual practice of, the client.
Spiritual Counseling & Hypnotherapy
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attract the people, knowledge and things you need?
accomplish your dreams?
experience greater happiness?
get rid of annoying habits and fears?
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